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Ginger Rose is an exclusive creation of the Dellago House, in South Tyrol. Connoisseurs all over the world already appreciate Fritz Dellagos wines. With this new and original creation we are raising the bar. Ginger Rose is almost a legend, even before its commercial launch. Who tried this creation doesn't want any other one.

Perfectly suiting aperitifs, accompanying little snacks or just for cool refreshment from time to time: Ginger Rose, with only 7%, is the smooth and light taste for the perfect moment. Best served cooled or with ice cubes. Accomplished with small ginger pieces and a rose petal for the full and luxury taste.

Try it yourself: you will fall in love!

Ginger Rose

Ginger Rose is a way of life. Ginger Rose is a way to love.

The idea for Ginger Rose was born during a holiday in a country with prohibition of alcohol. Alternatively they served delicious and refreshing ginger-drinks. Ruth and Fritz Dellago-inspired by this exceptional creation- started with their experiments. Their aim was a balanced composition with ginger and rose essences which meets finest italian sparkling wine.

Not too sweet, not too tart, a simply harmonious and elegant taste. The developing phase turned out much longer and more complicated than expected. And in the end that's good, as it's quite impossible to imitate this noble and unique taste. Dellago Ginger Rose is an original, and this is what it wants to be forever.

Dellago Ginger Rose is unique, created according to a secret recipe.

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Here you can find a selection of articles and media reports on our Dellago Ginger Rose! It’s a pleasure, that our light aperitive has this success!


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